CAS Reference Linking: Help

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  1. About CAS Reference Linking
  2. How does CAS Reference Linking work?
  3. View Full Text
  4. View Full Text Options
  5. Browser compatibility
  6. Hours of availability

  1. About CAS Reference Linking

    The CAS Reference Linking Service provides scientists and information professionals with the full bibliographic information and abstracts for citations found in electronic full-text articles. With CAS Reference Linking, you can link from a citation within an e-journal to view its title, authors, source, and abstract.

    The CAS Reference Linking Service is provided free of charge through a collaboration of Chemical Abstracts Service®, FIZ-Karlsruhe, and the Japan Association for International Chemical Information (JAICI).

  2. How does CAS Reference Linking work?

    At participating publisher web sites, [CAS] links appear with citations that are available through CAS Reference Linking. Click the [CAS] link to view the bibliographic information and abstract for a citation of interest.

  3. Example

    Click the [Back] button to return to the electronic article at the publisher's web site. This button has the same function as your browser's [Back] button.

  4. View Full Text

    Click the [View Full Text] button (when available) to display the electronic full-text document at the publisher's web site. This option is available for journals that participate in CAS FTO.

    In most cases, the publisher checks your IP address to verify that you are a subscriber. In some cases, you may be asked for another form of identification, such as a user name and password. Although CAS Reference Linking is free of charge, users must make their own arrangements with publishers for access to electronic full-text documents.

    Note: This button does not provide links to full text via subscription agents such as EBSCO. Such links are provided via the [View Full-text Options] button.

  5. View Full Text Options

    Click the [View Full-text Options] button to display all of the full-text options for the document. For descriptions of these options, click the [View Full-text Options] button. Then click the Help link on that page.

  6. Browser compatibility

    In general, browsers that support HTML 3.0 with tables and forms display pages from this site. Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft® Internet Explorer have been successfully tested on this site. This site uses browser cookies and is best viewed using 600 x 800 or higher resolution.

  7. Hours of availability

    The CAS Reference Linking Service is available from 01:00 Sunday until 22:00 Saturday U.S. Eastern Time. On the first Saturday of each month, it is only available until 17:00.