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What is ChemPort?
  ChemPort is a linking technology developed by Chemical Abstracts Service. It is a free service for customers of CAS electronic services as well as our publishing partners. ChemPort provides two main services: ChemPort Connection and ChemPort Reference Linking.

ChemPort Connection
  ChemPort® Connection links users of: To articles from more than 7,400 electronic journals from more than 360 participating publishers at no additional charge! It also provides links to electronic patent documents from the USPTO and Espacenet. ChemPort is also available with CA on CD® or CA Selects® on the WebSM.

ChemPort Reference Linking

ChemPort Reference Linking provides scientists and information professionals with the full bibliographic information and abstracts for citations found in electronic full-text articles.

With ChemPort Reference Linking, you can link from a citation within an e-journal to view its title, authors, source, and abstract. You can also purchase additional information indexed by CAS scientists.