Full Text Connection
Connecting You to Full-Text Documents on the Web!
Advanced Features allow you to customize Full Text Options to your needs and to provide links to your library using OpenURL technology - at no additional cost.

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Full Text Advanced Features
The following are options that Site Administrators can add or update their access to via myCAS. Log in to myCAS by using your SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, or STN login id to update your settings or for more detailed help.
Advanced Feature Capability
Update Journal Lists Upload and maintain your organization's journal list for use via Full Text Options.
Update In-house Links Add in-house links to your organization's in-house documents.
Update Web-based Links Choose the web-based linking options right for your organization by specifying links to full-text documents.
Update Fee-based Links Choose to select or deselect the option for your organization to purchase electronic single articles from publishers.
Customize Page Customize your organization's Full Text Options page by adding a title page and help messages and setting the option for the "Send a colleague this reference" features.